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The use of radioactive materials in research at Duke University and Duke University Medical Center requires obtaining an Authorization from the appropriate Institutional Radiation Safety Committee. To obtain an Authorization, you must (a) be a full-time member of the faculty, (b) have training and experience commensurate with the types and amounts of radioactive materials you intend to use and (c) submit an application for review and approval by the Radiation Safety Committee. Please allow approximately four to six weeks to complete the requirements for obtaining an Authorization.

Here's how to get the process started:

1. Contact the Radiation Safety Officer, Dr. Terry Yoshizumi, PhD, and advise him of your intent to obtain an Authorization. You will be required to meet Dr. Yoshizumi at Radiation Safety's Elder Street location to discuss your needs and to meet key personnel.

2. Read the applicable sections of the Duke Radiation Safety Manual to understand your responsibilities as an Authorized User.

3. Complete an "Application for Research Use of Radioactive Material" form on-line. This Web-based form will be accessible to you after you have contacted the Radiation Safety Officer and are registered in our system. Only the AU Applicant will have access to this form.

4. Contact Dr.Terry Yoshizumi, our Operational Manager, at (919)668-3188. Dr.Yoshizumi will assist you in completing the remainder of the requirements and in setting up your radioactive materials laboratory.

5. You and your laboratory manager must attend our "Radiation Safety Orientation for Laboratory Directors / Managers" (RS-320). Space is limited, so go to the New AU Web Site to pre-register for this one-hour course. RS-320 is usually given in the Radiation Safety Building Conference Room; check the location when you pre-register.

If you have laboratory workers who have little or no experience in handling radioactive materials, they should complete our course entitled "Radiation Safety Orientation for Laboratory Workers" (RS-300). No pre-registration for this Web-based course is required. See our Training Page for a complete schedule of Radiation Safety course requirements and offerings.

6. Radioactive waste disposal is managed by OESO's Environmental Programs Division (684-2794). See their Radioactive Waste Management Policy for guidance and procedures related to radioactive waste.